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About us

To all RaLeno Users 

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your willingness to believe in our original intention of making products.

We are so grateful that we can't express it in words, but can only keep it in mind.

We promise to give you the most complete service we can provide.

No matter what platform you have purchased our products on, no matter what questions or suggestions you have,

you can always contact us. RaLeno always with you.

Story about RaLeno

In 2018


In 2019

Start-up products

In 2020

Complementary service

In 2021


In 2022


RaLeno was formally established.

RaLeno entered the field of photographic lamps and began to sell in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. Later, softboxes, flashes and stabilizers were introduced.

We set up a dedicated after-sales team, begin to improve the customer's after-sales experience in all aspects. In the second half of the year, we set foot in the field of microphones, released desktop microphones and gun microphones.

We have our own official website:

You can search us through"RaLeno" on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more social media.

We explore more photographic equipment such as Photo Background Shooting Tents, Softbox Studio Kit...


I changed led panel light every six months coz the tech has been changing so fast. This is the recent one I just bought and the most stable and powerful light. I used this led light for my marketing video. I tested and it's exactly 3 hours life power. It's light and Adjustable color temperature from 3200-5600k. You don't need extra battery coz it has built in lithium battery. 

Image by Adil Zhanbyrbayev
Hyson Image

I do some vlog and the same time I use this led light as a lightbix for my slide films viewing.This is a really thin light and it has build in battery that save me a lot of time to find batteries and charger.Illuminance is high and bright enough for me to do vedios and film viewing.The weight is good for carry wit me daily.

Image by Beatriz Blanc
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