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RALENO 50x50 Photo Background Shooting Tent


120 LED lamp beads provide 50W ultra high brightness

5500K standard color temperature restores the true color of the product.

One-piece lamp beads-more uniform brightness, more convenient to install/carry

0-100% stepless light adjustment, as bright as needed.

Flexible FPC light strip, built-in copper foil, stable performance, better heat dissipation

RaLeno photo studio set 50 x 50 x 50 cm LED photo box light box light cube professional photography light tent including 3 PVC background films (black, pure white, warm white) reusable


Easy to store,
expand at any time

When designing the size of the box, we chose 50x50cm


in order to take care of most of the usage scenarios.


Because this is the length of the shortest side of the family table.

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