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1. If I am not satisfied with the product, how to return it?

A: Our RALENO is committed to providing you with the best possible service. If you are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact our after-sales email team. Our customer service team will answer your questions online 24 hours a day, and we will provide you with refund and replacement service until you are satisfied.

2. How long is the product warranty period?

 A:We offer our customers a one-year free warranty.

3. If I want to buy in bulk, how can I contact you, will there be a discount?

A:If you need to buy in bulk, please contact our after-sales mailbox ( US - ; EU - ), we will provide you with a 20%-40% discount for your use.

4. Is the RALENO brand wired under the mall?

 A: We only sell on Amazon.

5. What sales channels does RALENO have?

A: RALENO is the anchor brand of and is currently selling on There will be other sales channels in the future.

6. How to become a VIP member of RALENO?

A: We don't have membership service now, but old customers may get more surprises.

7. What are the products of RALENO?

A: RALENO is a brand that specializes in photographic equipment. The current products include photographic equipment such as flash, LED Video Light, soft light, and Handheld Camera Stabilizer. More products will be available in the near future.

8. Can the invoice/accessor be repaired or reissued?

A: If you have lost your invoice or accessories, please feel free to contact us at the after-sales mailbox. ( US - ; EU - ), Our after-sales team will provide you with a 24-hour online service.

9. What kind of brand is RALENO?

RALENO is a photographic equipment brand that specializes in providing professional equipment for photography. RALENO has launched a series of photography lights, photography brackets and softbox equipment. RALENO intends to provide high-quality materials and efficient services to provide professional equipment for photography enthusiasts. Guaranteed for your excellent shooting and recording.

10. Can experience your new products in advance?

A: RALENO does not currently have an offline experience store, but RALENOwill invite the majority of RALENOold customers to experience new products in advance before the launch of the new product, and will be happy to listen to the new and old customers' product experience, and actively update the products according to the recommendations in anticipation of better RALENO products appearing on the market

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